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Pin 1 silk: Update RF_GPS

John Beard requested to merge johnbeard/kicad-footprints:rf_gps_pin1_silk into master

Update the RF_GPS library as part of #2637.

Mostly just added silk screen arrows in place of "long line" markings. A few variations are used depending on the module shape and existing silkscreen styles. E.g.:




Other changes:

  • A couple of silkscreen corner brackets extended to the 0.2mm point and unified to 0.11mm fab-silk centreline offsets.
  • Some ref des and value positions and sizes/thicknesses normalised
  • 3D model paths updated

Remaining KLC notices all pre-exisiting:

  • EC02: not all parts have rounded pads
  • F9.2: SAM_M8Q has a solder mask margin of 1e-6, not 0
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