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Use the new pin 1 silk style for QFPs

John Beard requested to merge johnbeard/kicad-footprints:qfp_pin1_silk into master

Contains the following changes (part of #2637)

  • Use the same pin 1 arrow style as the new generator parts
  • Update KICAD6 in the 3D model path
  • Normalise fab layer value position in a few parts

As expected, most parts are a small diff as they were previously format-upgraded to v7. TQFP-52-1EP_10x10mm_P0.65mm_EP6.5x6.5mm.kicad_mod seems to have escaped that, so it has a larger diff (but it was still (generator pcbnew) beforehand).

All parts use the same size arrow from the generated QFP parts.

KLC violations reported

  • F5.1, F5.2: 16 parts seem to have 0.15mm fab lines and silk lines, so they set off this one. Changing this is a bit fiddly (no properties panel in V7), and most of these parts should probably be generated sooner or later anyway, so I didn't deal with them here.
  • EC02: rectangular pads: again would be fixed by generator-ification
  • F6.3: the KLC checker still doesn't quite understand paste pads!
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