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Potentiometer_Bourns_PTV09A-1_Single_Vertical: fix mountingholes to D2.2, and potentiometer shaft centered on mountingholes

Anders Wallin requested to merge aewallin/kicad-footprints:PTV09A into master

This fixes two bugs with the current Potentiometer_Bourns_PTV09A-1_Single_Vertical footprint:

  • mounting holes were 2.0mm diameter, component will not fit these holes. enlarged to 2.2mm (datasheets has a 1.8x2.2mm rectangle)
  • F.Fab layer had a circle corresponding to the potentiometer shaft. This is now moved to be in line with the mountingholes. Could be relevant for e.g. front-panel design where we want to know where the pot. shaft is.

(note the horizontal version Potentiometer_Bourns_PTV09A-2_Single_Horizontal already has 2.2mm mounting holes)

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