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Add 3DMouse support to the 3D Viewer, pcb-editor, and the footprint browser views.

Markus Bonk requested to merge markus-bonk/kicad:spacemouse into master

The 3d-viewer, pcb-editor, and the footprint browser in pcbnew.exe are extended to add support for 3Dconnexion devices. Full 3D navigation while using the 2D mouse is enabled. The commands and the associated images are exported and can be assignment to 3Dconnexion devices and UI elements (Radial menus) where this is supported by the OS drivers.

The commits also change existing KiCAD code so that when a second input device is used (i.e. a 3D Mouse) the 2D mouse will not reset view changes made by that input device. This is done for both the orthographic and perspective views. The concurrent use is achieved by having the 2D mouse calculate positions from the current view parameters instead of from a cached starting position.

The third party code required to code the 3D mouse implementation is also included.

Because of the deficiencies of the current Unix drivers the support is not extended for those systems. Currently the compilation is enabled for windows and macOS only.

The option KICAD_USE_3DCONNEXION controls the inclusion of the support for 3Dconnexion devices.

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