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Curved Polys (update)

Roberto Fernandez Bautista requested to merge Qbort/kicad:curved_polys into master

Clipper does not make it feasible to pass a polygon through and get the related points back, even if you are only doing a boolean operation. All points get scrambled/re-written. So maintaining zones with arcs will require recognizing/converting arcs post-clipper.


  • Read/write file formats
  • Plot arcs as part of polygons
  • [x] Convert clipper results to lines/arcs (see SHAPE_LINE_CHAIN::DetectArcs) (Does not work)
  • [ ] Integrate DetectArcs to Boolean calculations
  • Use Clipper Z value to detect arcs post clipper in boolean operations
  • Add unit tests using Simplify to verify that the arcs are not lost and the area not modified
  • [ ] Rewrite SHAPE_POLY_SET::Fillet so it creates true arc segments instead of just piecewise linear segments (Not needed as not using in Zone fills)

Stretch tasks:

  • [ ] Detect intersections between arcs post Clipper and amend the intersection point (Not needed as not using in Zone fills)
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