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Eeschema: Add Schematic Setup GUI to show/hide junction dots

There was a discussion !437 (comment 421354707) about adding a checkbox to Schematic Setup that would let users show or hide junction dots. The consensus was that this was a useful feature, and that it should be a checkbox in the "Schematic Setup" dialog. This MR adds this feature.

CHANGED: In Schematic Setup->General->Formatting->Connections, added checkbox labeled "Show Junction Dots". Added support in "sch_painter.cpp" to paint junction dots or not based on value set by user. The default is to show junction dots. I experimented with having the "Junction Size" GI controls above the checkbox enable/disable based on the checkbox status, but found it more distracting than helpful. It can be added if others find this a desired response.


See discussion at: !437 (comment 421354707)

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