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ADDED : pcbnew - stackup / characteristics table

Fabien Corona requested to merge Drinausaur/kicad:2276 into master

Add stack-up table and board characteristics to pcbnew layers.


  • Draw the stackup table on a pcbnew layer
  • Add a button to trigger an interactive placement of the table
  • Draw production information on a pcbnew layer (including the stackup table)
  • Add other specifications ( Overall size, copper finish, ... )
  • Create groups instead of individuals items

List of known bugs:

  • Check for imperial units:
  • Check for number formatting (decimal point)
  • If we place the stackup table without validating at least once the stackup in board setup, the table is empty
  • The "size preview" for the stackup table is always drawn on F.Cu, even with GetActiveLayer()
  • After drawing the stackup table, selecting a new tool (eg: draw line) and escaping it ( ESC key ) calls back the stackup placement.
  • After exiting the placement tool, the cursor is still pen-shaped
Edited by Fabien Corona

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