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HTTP library support

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This is a prototype version to enable KiCad to communicate with a pre-defined HTTP library.

The user defines a root url which could look as follows: http://localhost:8000/kicad-api/

Access is obtained using a simple token whereas user/password authentication would also be possible (method exists already, but not used)

Below an example which will return all parts belonging to the category with primary key 16 using root-url as shown below.


Below a working sample API endpoint.

Please not that this sample API might be unavailable between 4am - 7am AEST.

Simply compile the branch, create a file called sample_web.kicad_httplib and add the config below. In KiCad click on Preferences->Manage Symbol Libraries and add the HTTP lib. Please also add the Device lib as shown in the image below. Otherwise, KiCad won't be able to match the resistors and capacitors to the associated symbols and footprints. Note: not all parts have symbols or footprints.

    "meta": {
        "version": 1.0
    "name": "KiCad Library Database",
    "description": "A KiCad library sourced from a REST API",
    "source": {
        "type": "REST_API_TOKEN",
        "root_url": "",
        "token": "1f01d1a615d49a42370c3a1a067359cb959ff8d2"


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