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Draft: 8.0 hotkey / action changes

Mike Williams requested to merge mikebwilliams/kicad:finish into master

I propose we (I am willing to work on this) make multiple changes for 8.0:

  • Add support for multiple hotkeys per action.
  • Add generic Finish, Activate(better name?), and Menu actions to Common hotkeys/actions.
  • Make mouse events an assignable hotkey, assign these to the above actions by default.
  • Get rid of direct use of mouse events in the code base wherever possible.


Add Finish command. Default hotkeys are End and Left-Double-Click

All of these (except the unrelated Attempt Finish) and any other tool that supports a finish command moves to it.


Add Menu command. Default hotkeys are that weird menu key on keyboards and Right-Click

Add Activate command. Default hotkeys are Enter and Left-Click

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If we get rid of using mouse events in the code base, and use the generic actions assigned to those mouse events, we should be able to fix this easily. Instead of our tools getting the first click before a double click is sent, we can add the double click timer in one place and send only the correct event.

#4422 (closed)

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