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PCM: automatic check for package updates

qu1ck requested to merge qu1ck/kicad:pcm-update into master


This change is the main part of #9942 (closed) : check for updates in the background and notify user when new package versions for their installed packages are available. After this only a relatively small change is remaining to close that issue, ability to silence updates for specific packages that user doesn't want to update for some reason. I just didn't push it here because this is already a big change.

Code changes

  • BITMAP_BUTTON now supports drawing a small badge with text in it, colors are configurable
  • New PCM config panel in preferences
  • kicad_settings now moved into common to be able to link it with other preferences
  • automatic update is configurable and is also blocked by system policy like normal pcm usage
  • PLUGIN_CONTENT_MANAGER class now has lifetime of KICAD_MANAGER_FRAME and is owned by it
  • PLUGIN_CONTENT_MANAGER can fetch updates "silently" and push status to kicad frame's status bar. Failures in this mode are ignored.

GUI changes

When updates are available we see the badge on PCM button and text in the status line


New panel in preferences. It's awfully empty now but there are more settings coming.


"Update All" button on the packages view panel to easily enqueue all available updates


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