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Issue 11638 - Adding drag and drop feature

lulu731 requested to merge lulu731/kicad:11638_dd_feature into master

Implement drag and drop feature in Kicad:

  • dropping files to Kicad manager :
    • *.kicad_pro, *.pro -> open project;
    • gerber and job files -> open in Gerbview editor;
    • Eagle and Cadstar files -> open project.
  • dropping file to schematic editor -> append schematic;
  • dropping library file to Symbol editor -> add library;
  • dropping board file to PCB editor -> append board;
  • dropping library or footprint file to Footprint editor -> add library or import footprint;
  • dropping ZIP file or gerber files to Gerbview editor -> open files;
  • dropping sheet file to Drawing Sheet editor -> open sheet.

See issue #11638 (closed)

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