VLC Sync 3.0.0 Release [Release/RED-3 Sync2022]

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A full rewrite of VLC Sync

  • Initial conductor API shell & repo cleanup
  • Initial Web UI progress (RED-4)
  • Initial new sync implementation (RED-3)
  • update pipelines & use npm shamrock-ux
  • fix pipeline deployments
  • fix again hopefully
  • fix typo
  • another fix
  • fix again
  • start work on new session content panel & implement base redirect
  • disable unescaped-entities nextjs eslint rule
  • Implement session content editor
  • Implement usernames; mostly finish permissions screen
  • UI feature complete
  • (hopefully) feature-complete electron main js & added file sync
  • new sync initial version RED-3
  • Sync fixes part 1
  • Global session join context RED-8 & minor fixes RED-3
  • minor fixes
  • Add fancy title bar RED-11 RED-4 RED-3
  • track sync & debugging stats
  • bump package version
  • Write README
  • fix README formatting
  • Add squirrel updater to red-server RED-12

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