Cargo plugin to calculate documentation coverage percentage of library crates

cargo doc-coverage

This crate prints out the percentage of public items that have documentation.

Installation and usage

I have gotten this to work with rustc 1.15.0-nightly (d9bdc636d 2016-11-24). Assuming you use rustup, get on that nightly and install this plugin with the following commands:

$ rustup toolchain install nightly-2016-11-25
$ rustup default nightly-2016-11-25
$ cargo install cargo-doc-coverage
$ cd project/you/want/to/evaluate
$ cargo doc-coverage

If you don't see any output, try doing a cargo clean or making a change in your code to trigger a recompile.

What you should see:

$ cargo doc-coverage
   Compiling nom v2.0.1 (file:///Users/carolnichols/rust/nom)
warning: 225 items, 117 undocumented, 48% documented

    Finished debug [unoptimized + debuginfo] target(s) in 0.77 secs

Inspiration/where most of this code came from

A large part of this code is from clippy and the rustc missing-docs lint.