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Swatches dialog rework

Mike Kowalski requested to merge mkov/inkscape:fix-icc-profile-colors into master

Swatches dialog update

  1. Added new UI for selecting color palette
  2. Searching colors by name
  3. Loading color palettes from file
  4. Support for reading Adobe Color Book and Adobe Swatch Exchange files
  5. Fix for repaint glitches where palettes were not refreshed after adjusting their settings
  6. Support for columns: preserving blocks of colors in palettes that define them
  7. Easier access to dialog settings
  8. Support for color palettes with CIELAB colors
  9. Limited support for color palettes with CMYK colors
  10. Better CMYK -> RGB transformation, even without proper ICC profile
  11. Restored ICC profile name sanitation that was preventing use of linked profiles

To do:

  • color preview for palettes in selection popup (only after gtk4 migration)
  • better support for adding and editing document swatches
  • better CMYK support in documents

Partially implements ux#210

swatches-dialog-1 swatches-dialog-2


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