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Toolbars Port preparation (GTK4)

  • The Toolbar base class will now derive from Gtk::Box instead of Gtk::Toolbar.
  • Added custom ToolbarMenuButton widget to take care of overflow handling in the toolbars on resizing.
    • Derives from Gtk::MenuButton.
    • It is also configurable with the get_derived_widget() method and thus can be added to the Glade file with ease.
    • To add a toolbar widget into a popup, just add the "tag" of the ToolbarMenuButton as a style class to the widget to be moved.
    • In future, one can use the priority property to determine which ToolbarMenuBUtton should be collapsed or expanded first.
  • Added the ability to move any number of children in the toolbar into popups if the window is narrow.
    • A toolbar can have multiple popups
    • Each popup can have any number of children

Tools ported:

  • Select
  • Node
  • Shape (Boolean)
  • Rect*
  • Arc*
  • Star*
  • Box3D*
  • Spiral*
  • Pen*
  • Pencil
  • Calligraphy
  • Text
  • Gradient*
  • Mesh*
  • Dropper*
  • Paint Bucket*
  • Tweak
  • Spray
  • Eraser
  • Connector*
  • LPE*
  • Measure
  • Zoom*
  • Pages*
  • Marker
  • Commands
  • Uncollapsed toolbar narrower than collapsed Select toolbar.
Edited by Vaibhav Malik

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