Export Dialog Project

This feature is a refactoring of the user interface and back-end functionality for exporting.


  • The Export Bitmap Dialog is now with Export Dialog
  • Exporting non-raster formats is now possible
  • Batch and Single export types are separated
  • Clean looking preview images show what will be exported
  • Export options for inkscape's internal PNG integrated into INX extension options
  • Export options are shown once per batch export
  • Export options come from is_raster or new is_exported inx preference
  • New preference to override is_exported and show all extensions
  • SVG/vector exports respect selected_only and not selected_only
  • Filename generation and DPI memory refactored into sp-object
  • Multi-page support for both batch and single export types
  • Dialog is now a Glade/UI builder file for easier changes
  • Code cleaned up from original GSoC codebase

Replaced GSoC MR: !3320 (closed)

Edited by Martin Owens

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