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Multiple pages

Currently this feature includes:

  • New sp-page object which is an inkscape specific tag found in the sodipodi:namedview tag. It defines regions on the canvas as pages.
  • Opening multi page pdf files, which lays out all pages horizontally.
  • Saving multi page pdf files, which attempts to account for all the transformations.

A lot more testing is needed, this is nowhere near finished.

Things that need to happen:

  • Switching between pages (move canvas position, record page) widgets and functions
  • Auto-switch pages when clicking/selecting objects on different pages
  • Adding, moving and removing pages (pages-tool)
  • Resizing pages (pages-tool) with an on-canvas node
  • Re-ordering pages so that they can be exported in the right order

Important Changes:

  • XRay is now not using the background color, but white. This is because there's no such thing as "background" that makes any sense. In the future we might want to either use the page color (for whatever page the object is on) or have xray have it's own color setting.
  • The "background" is now called the "desk" and it has it's own settings. Desk colours and never exported.
  • Pages can have colours, but transparency is applied as you'd expect. It does not retain a solid colour if the opacity is zero.

Report Issues

  • Scroll bars do not include pages, so you can't scroll to them.

  • PDF export sizes were wrong, with pixels instead of points for some things.

  • PDF import when objects are split between two pages causes issues

  • Position of objects on export and import multiple times

  • Embedded jpegs have inverted colour spaces.

  • Page labels resize when zooming (this is correct behaviour)

  • Dragging inside a page should select it (not make a new page)

  • More reliable page clicking is needed as it doesn't always select

  • Cursors for the tool during mouse hover, dragging and page drawing actions

  • Handle size for resize is too small

  • Page resizing doesn't have any snapping

  • Page moving doesn't snap to guidelines or grids

  • Page resize handle is hard to use, events used by page move.

  • Moving objects doesn't change page.

  • Size dropdown doesn't update with selected page's size

  • Delete key doesn't items and objects aren't deleted with it.

  • Undo delete places the page at the end of the stack.

  • Importing a PDF with multiple pages doesn't import the pages.

  • The viewport should shadow the first page by default.

  • Undo history item on page resize

  • Toolbar icons are invisible

  • Multiple crashes when removing a page.

  • Pages move around when resizing the viewbox.

  • Remove all labels using the word "Preview" and use "Page" instead of ViewBox etc

  • Resize Page to Selection should resize the selected page.

  • Selection of new page is not correct

  • new pages create by clicking the button always continue in single row instead of last created page

  • bach export is not working at all (in export dialog its gray out)

  • Deleting multiple pages does not work as expected, should not select the first page.

  • missing icons in the toolbar

  • Snapping the drawn box is impossible.

  • moving content with a page is glitchy with the first page (any other works as expected)

  • reordering the page to the first position changes the size of that page

  • on-canvas editing of view box/page0

  • Snap indicators are sticky

  • Zoom causes resize handle to move.

  • Creating pages snapped to page corner fails with moving

  • Deleting pages should select the next or previous page.

  • Export Page should be the selected page

  • Zoom to page should be the selected page

  • Zoom causes red box issues.

Future design work (in progress, other merge request):

  • Document Preferences need to have some redundancy for resizing, so people don't get lost.
Edited by Martin Owens

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