Selectable scale handles

This feature commissioned by Barbara Tostes, it allows the user to highlight one of the resize handles and resize/position against this "anchor" in the toolbar. This can be useful for positioning the right edge or center to specific points.

It also allows the center to be positioned anywhere and that anchor continue to work as expected.

This also allows you to know what the right or bottom edge of an object is as it changes the select toolbar value when you click on it.

Resizing against the anchor can be useful if you need to increase the size, but keep the right or bottom edges (or center) in the right location.




Task List:

  • Center handle available during resize
  • Handle can be selected and highlights using colour
  • Handle selection affects what number appears in the X/Y
  • Change values based on anchor (absolute units)
  • Change values based on anchor (relative unit, percent)

Currently I need to put the percent code back.

Edited by Martin Owens

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