Commit 376a40c0 authored by Martin Owens's avatar Martin Owens Committed by Martin Owens
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DeReverse the order of attributes when duplicating nodes

Fixes #1179
parent 38d22c43
......@@ -213,8 +213,18 @@ SimpleNode::SimpleNode(SimpleNode const &node, Document *document)
child_copy->release(); // release to avoid a leak
// We need to keep the order of the attributes that we duplicate
// and for now, we do that by duplicating the list twice.
List<AttributeRecord const> _temp;
for ( List<AttributeRecord const> iter = node._attributes ;
iter ; ++iter )
_temp = cons(*iter, _temp);
// At this point temp is an up-sidedown list of attributes, put them
// back in the right way now.
for ( List<AttributeRecord const> iter = _temp ;
iter ; ++iter )
_attributes = cons(*iter, _attributes);
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