Draft: Django 2.0 Upgrade

Closed Ishaan Arora requested to merge pulsar17/inkscape-web:django-2-upgrade into master

This MR intends to upgrade Django to version 2.0 2.2 (thereafter referred to by just 2.0)

The following things are changed:

  • Bumped some dependencies' versions (Django itself and some CMS Plugins)
  • Imports/methods that were removed in 2.0 have been removed
  • Added required args/kwargs for ForeignKey and OneToOneField introduced in 2.0 (Both in Application code and in Migrations)
  • Changed URL include to use new style in URLConfs
  • Changed Middlewares to use new style

Edit :2.0 has some issues with migrations that seem to be fixed 2.1 onwards. So, the goal now is to upgrade to 2.2

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