Update Synfig export to use actions and fix regressions

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Implementation notes

The Synfig export extension has been converted from actions to verbs (fixing #198 (closed)), and the algorithm for converting paths with multiple subpaths to a single subpath has been fixed by using the 1.0+ API (fixing #197 (closed)).

Furthermore, the viewbox attribute allows for comma-separated values. I've added a unit tests, this fixes #330 (closed).

A new unit test for synfig export has been added. The unit test for synfig prepare is redundant and has been removed.

Summary for release notes

The Synfig export now exports objects that are not paths (such as rects, texts, circles) correctly again; and paths with multiple subpaths are converted correctly.


  • Add unit tests (if applicable)
  • Changes to inkex/ are well documented
  • Clean merge request history
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