Split out gcodetools into its own repository

Gcodetools is unmaintained at the moment. In its own repository,

  • this fact isn't obscured by the activity in this repository, so it might become clearer that a maintainer is needed
  • people might be less hesitant to contribute to a "big" repository due to less (percieved) preexisting hierarchies.

This repository is located here: https://gitlab.com/inkscape/extras/extensions-gcodetools/. It has fully working branches for 1.1.x and master (which preserve the history of gcodetools), including unit tests against the current build of inkex [to be replaced against stable version on pypi?], coverage and pylint. It may also serve as a starting point for extension authors that wish to integrate a comprehensive unit testing framework against differen Inkscape versions.

Gcodetools is now available as a submodule in the other/ folder, which is excluded from unit tests and coverage. Possibly, other extensions (jessyink?) will also go there on the long run.

Since the 1.1.2 release is imminent, I won't create a MR to remove gcodetools from the 1.1.x branch.

After this is merged, I'll move over the issues related to gcodetools that are in this repository.

Edited by Jonathan Neuhauser

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