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Tags give the ability to mark specific points in history as being important
  • v4.4.2
    66fe4858 · Update ·
    Release: v4.4.2
    - Fix render emojos in warning/spoiler text #48
    - Sanitize post content before rendering #49
    - Add custom title for play video button
    - Update Rollup devDependency version
  • v4.3.12
    781dc56e · update ·
    Release: v4.3.12
    Add button to hide sensitive/spoiler media, Fix Refresh button bug when empty text
  • v4.3.10
    96921212 · Update ·
    Release: v4.3.10
    Allow to load more than 20 or 40 posts, Add link preview description, Allow to choose a maximum number of lines of text in preview description, Fix carousel conflict with avatar and emojos images, Fix possible error in aria-setsize with values greater than the total number of posts, JS refactoring
  • v4.3.7
    a78de16f · Update ·
    Display medias inside post using CSS grid, Add a placeholder bg-color for images, Use CSS container query for responsive style changes, Fix carousel conflict with preview links
  • v4.3.5
    0afb7c58 · Update ·
    Add a carousel/lightbox for pictures and videos in a post, Improve data set for media items, Enable loop for videos by default, Small UI improvements
  • v4.3.3
    69bc545a · Update ·
    Render emojos in user name, Use fallback for user account without user name, Fix click conflict on user name
  • v4.3.1
    Show pinned posts, Add icon to pinned posts, Add '*' character to edited posts, Use Intl.DateTimeFormat for date formatting, Allow to customize date by locale/options parameters, Show user account under user name, Added a new customized HTML example
  • v4.2.1
    faee73a7 · Update ·
    Changed project name: mastodon-embed-feed-timeline -> mastodon-embed-timeline, Improved DOM load for module purposes, New build script with Rollup.js, Added CDN and NPM install steps, Added Contributing documentation, Added example for JS module case
  • v4.0.4
    4d25f1a3 · Update Changelog ·
    Improve alignment for refresh button
  • v4.0.3
    cf0cdadf · v4.0.3 ·
    Delete duplicated JS/CSS files for examples, Move docker file to root folder and update paths, Add DOMContentLoad for container and body nodes
  • v4.0.1
    084e66fe · Update version with fix ·
    Fix error in emojis present in user/profile title
  • v4.0.0
    c1185445 · Publish package.json ·
    Revamped JS (ES6), Renamed CSS classes, Improved performance, Removed the use of the word "toot" in code and comments, Dynamic text for content-sensitive "Show/Hide" buttons, Easier way to customize timeline settings, Button to refresh timeline, Improved theme color management, Improve error messages, Possibility to have several timelines on the same page, Fixed inconsistency in video aspect ratio
  • v3.13.3
    Add docker compose
  • v3.13.2
    Fix truncate CSS class name
  • v3.13.1
    c164d695 · Use non minified css/js ·
    Add support for audio player, Add support for video player, Load video player when user clicks on video preview
  • v3.12.0
    Fix link preview event on click
  • v3.11.0
    a6e93435 · Update v3.11.0 ·
    Update icons, Improve loader spinner
  • v3.10.4
    2beecd2f · Update changelog ·
    Fix media render when post has more than one image, Fix counter bar, Improve HTML escape characters
  • v3.10.1
    294d5d07 · Remove console.log ·
    Improve alt description for images, Add poll CSS class for status
  • v3.10.0
    Maximize the width of the toot-text area, Add new styles for scrollbar, Render customized emojis in user name