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    Summary of changes from v2.4.22-pre2 to v2.4.22-pre3 · 0a79631c
    linus1 authored
      o USB: several ftdi_sio driver patches
      o ia64: Poll for CPEs on all CPUs, improve check for # of CPEs logged
      o ia64: Switch to polling for CMCs if they happen too fast
      o ia64: add wmb in sba_iommu to guarantee IOPDIR updates are visible
      o ia64: fix timer interrupts getting lost
      o ia64: fix IA-32 emulation of msgctl()
      o ia64: define rlim_cur/rlim_max as unsigned
      o ia64: fix IA-32 version of shmctl()
      o ia64: ia32 semctl check for bad command
      o ia64: Patch by Arun Sharma: In the absence of the patch, this system call fails:
      o ia64: Fix SMP FPH handling.  From 2.5 patch by Asit Mallick, David Mosberger, Arun Sharma.
      o ia64: work around race conditions in ia32 support code
      o ia64: IA-32 support patch: msgsnd/msgrcv return value off by 4
      o ia64: IA-32 support patch: munmap should return EINVAL if size == 0
      o ia64: IA-32 support patch: mmap should return ENOMEM
      o USB speedtouch: use common CRC library
      o [NETFILTER]: Missing return in arp_packet_match()
      o [NETFILTER]: Add arptables mangle module
      o ia64: Export pm_idle
      o ia64: sys32_sysinfo: update to current struct sysinfo (add totalhigh, freehigh, mem_unit).
      o ia64: Make struct sysinfo32 internal padding explicit
      o ia64: Make CONFIG_SYSCTL control sys32_sysctl as well.  Based on a patch from Peter Chubb.
      o ia64: ia64_fetch_and_add(), xchg(), ia64_cmpxchg(), etc
      o ia64: Update default configs
      o ia64: iosapic: remove find_iosapic duplication
      o ia64: iosapic: simplify ISA IRQ init
      o ia64: iosapic: self-documenting polarity/trigger arguments
      o ia64: iosapic: Remove gratuitous differences with 2.5 (whitespace, C99 initializers, printk levels, etc).
      o ia64: Use printk severity-levels where appropriate
      o ia64: cleanup unwind.c warnings (from David's 2.5 change)
      o ia64: mca.c whitespace changes and dead code removal from 2.5
      o ia64: sba_iommu: whitespace and comment changes to align with 2.5
      o ia64: sba_iommu: prefetch_spill_page alignment with 2.5
      o ia64: sba_iommu: printk text and other trivial changes to align with 2.5
      o io4
      o ia64: sba_iommu: make sure devices are at least 32-bit capable (from 2.5)
      o ia64: sba_iommu: Combine HWP0001 and HWP0004 ACPI claim (from 2.5 changes by Alex Williamson).
      o ia64: sba_iommu: remove workarounds for broken, never released, firmware that didn't program IBASE/IMASK correctly.
      o ia64: remove cpu_is_online local defs, in favor of a 2.5-style cpu_online
      o ia64: Remove unused variable from acpi.c
      o ia64: sba_iommu: fix warning and use old-style ACPI typedef
      o ia64: whitespace and trivial changes in mca.c
      o ia64: palinfo whitespace changes to match 2.5
      o ia64: simplify syscalls with force_successful_syscall_return()
      o ia64: Remove unused acpi_get_addr_space() interface
      o ia64: Wrap pal.h with #ifdef __KERNEL__ to solve userland compilation issues (including <linux/modules.h>).
      o ia64: Don't blindly probe PCI buses (probe only those reported by ACPI)
      o ia64: pci warning for unavailable resources
      o ia64: TLB flushing fixes - don't use smp_call_function in context-switch path.
      o ia64: Disable interrupts during context switch
      o ia64: ptrace whitespace changes to follow 2.5
      o ia64: add hugetlb and cmd649 IDE to configs
      o ia64: Export SAL error records in /proc/sal/{mca,init,cmc,cpe}/{event,data}
      o ia64: Rename EFI systab tags (no spaces, etc, for easier parsing)
      o ia64: Ignore empty address ranges from _CRS to workaround buggy Big Sur firmware.
      o ia64: expose pointers from EFI system table in /proc
      o [ATM]: remove iovcnt member in struct atm_skb
      o [ATM]: Backport HE driver fixes from 2.5.x
      o [ATM]: ixmicro puts esi in different location
      o [ATM]: lock neighbor entry during update in clip.c
      o [ATM]: make sub skb->cb is clear before upcall to network
      o [ATM]: eliminate ATM_PDU_OVHD, ops->free_rx_skb and ops->alloc_tx
      o [ATM]: make clip buildable as a module
      o Use a non-zero rx_copybreak to avoid charging a full MTU to the socket on tiny packets.
      o Fix misreporting of card type and spurious "already scheduled" messages
      o USB: usb-uhci fix for one-shot interrupt problem
      o USB: usb-ohci handling of one-shot interrupt transfers
      o ia64: For SIGSEGV triggered by NaT page, set si_addr to faulting data address, not the faulting IP.
      o ia64: Make ia64_fetch_and_add() simpler to optimize so lib/rwsem.c can be optimized properly.
      o ia64: Implement pcibios_set_mwi() and define HAVE_ARCH_PCI_MWI to ensure that PCI line-size gets programmed properly.  Based
      o ia64; Improve debug output from kernel unwinder.  Based on patch by Keith Owens.  (Ported to 2.4 by Bjorn Helgaas).
      o ia64: In kernel unwinder, replace dump_info_pt() with get_scratch_regs() and reformat to make it fit in 100 columns.
      o ia64: Add unwcheck.sh script contributed by Harish Patil.  It checks the unwind info for consistency (well, just the obvious stuff, but it's a start).
      o ia64: Minor cleanups.  (From 2.5 by Bjorn Helgaas)
      o ia64: Make signal deliver work when the current register frame is incomplete (as a result of a faulting mandatory RSE load).
      o ia64: Correct region_start calculation in kernel unwinder
      o ia64: clean up unneeded test in kernel unwinder
      o ia64: More vmlinux.lds.S cleanups (__start/__end inside sections)
      o ia64: Minor fixes
      o ia64: Two small MCA fixes
      o ia64: Sync itc after interrupts enabled
      o ia64: Sync sys32_ipc() with x86 counter-part
      o ia64: Patch by Arun Sharma: In brl_emu.c, a 64 bit value was being assigned to an int.
      o ia64: Minor whitespace & formatting fixups in asm-ia64/sal.h
      o ia64: Fix SAL processor-log info handling.  Based on patch by Keith Owens.
      o ia64: Manual merge of Keith Owen's patch to avoid deadlock on ia64_sal_mc_rendez().  Also prefix local-variables in SAL macros to avoid name collisions.
      o ia64: dump the min-state area in the MCA INIT platform handler
      o ia64: Update platform INIT handler to print a backtrace
      o ia64: Consolidate backtrace printing in a single routine (ia64_do_show_stack())
      o ia64: fix /proc/.../vm_info memory attributes
      o ia64: Fix printing of memory attributes
      o mca.c
      o ia64: Fix INIT copying of banked registers
      o ia64: ptrace: don't let reading NaT bits for R4-R7 overwrite the value we're intending to write; get_rnat & put_rnat cleanups.
      o ia64: Fix ptrace() RNaT accessors
      o ia64: Fix page-fault handler so it handles not-present translations for region 5 (patch by John Marvin).
      o ia64: Fix unwinder so core-dumps work again.  Without this patch, most scratch-regs came out wrong.
      o ia64: Fixups for GCC v3.3
      o ia64: Change struct ia64_fpreg so it will get 16-byte alignment with all ia64 compilers, not just GCC.
      o ia64: Don't output backspaces in palinfo output
      o ia64: perfmon update to v1.4
      o ia64: perfmon fixes for system-wide monitoring overflow, opcode matcher, and force PMC[89] bit 2 on.
      o ia64: perfmon update
      o ia64: perfmon TLB_* and ALAT event fix
      o ia64: fix sysinfo(2) memory value truncation for 32-bit apps
      o USB: zaurus SL-C700
      o include_asm-ia64_sal.h, typo: the the
      o ia64: ACPI fix for no PCI
      o ia64: don't try to synchronize ITCs on ITC_DRIFT platforms
      o fix Via pci irq routing
      o ia64: SGI SN update
      o ia64: SN2 update 030528
      o ia64: SN2 update 030630
      o ia64: don't let PTRACE_POKEDATA write the NaT bits of syscall args
      o USB: visor.h[c] USB device IDs
      o ia64: fix unwinder to call get_scratch_regs() only when really needed
      o ia64: fix scratch-regs handling in kernel unwinder
      o ia64: unwind.c - allow unw_access_gr(r0)
      o ia64: Trivial stack-size correction in mca.c
      o ia64: mca rendezvous fix
      o ia64: Hold modlist_lock while searching exception tables
      o ia64: Handle SAL rejection of MCA rendezvous timeout value
      o ia64: rwsem using atomic primitive
      o USB: Desknote/ECS UCR-61S2B card reader (2.4.21 patched)
      o SH64 Merge
      o Add SH-5 support to SH-SCI
      o Add SH-5 support to tulip_core
      o Update MAINTAINERS for sh/sh64
      o SH-5 DMAC Support
      o sh64 PCI DMA coherency fixups
      o sh64: Fix SHMBLA compile error
      o sh64: Add an onchip_unmap() to clean up after
      o sh64: tlbmiss handler updates
      o sh64: Don't startup the irq in make_intc_irq()
      o sh64: Add workarounds for cache aliasing issues
      o sh64: Cleanup sleep usage
      o sh64: Fix PTRACE_POKEUSR to ignore changes of privileged
      o sh64: Make memcpy safe on SH5-101 cut2
      o sh64: export more needed symbols
      o sh64: Fixes for Cayman LEDs
      o [CRYPTO]: Update deflate dependencies
      o ia64: declare ia64_sal_handler_init non-static
      o ia64: print ISR for FPSWA faults
      o ia64: runtime platform detection for 2.5
      o Ensure that the 'unlink' XDR structures are correctly aligned on 64-bit architectures.
      o [NETFILTER]: Fix leaks in error paths of ip_recent_ctrl
      o Designated initializers for ia64
      o ia64: fix unwinder bug in unw_access_gr()
      o ia64: Fix request_module from ia32 process
      o ia64: make sys32_ptrace() use ptrace_check_attach()
      o [BRIDGE]: Ethernet bridge fixes
      o Fix load balance problem with high UDP Tx stress
      o Fix 802.3ad long fail over with high UDP Tx stress
      o [netdrvr bonding] Fix change active for ALB/TLB
      o ia64: improve show_trace_task() portability
      o ia64: IA-32 emulation patch: ptrace get_FPREGS bug fix
      o USB: Update for the powermate driver to work with newer devices
    Adam J. Richter <adam@yggdrasil.com>:
      o [CRYPTO]: Simplify crypto memory allocation
    Adrian Bunk <bunk@fs.tum.de>:
      o postfix a constant in efi.h with ULL
    Alan Cox <alan@lxorguk.ukuu.org.uk>:
      o [NETFILTER]: Fix nat_helper warnings with gcc 3.3
      o [NET]: Add EDP2 ethernet protocol ID
      o [SPARC]: d_path() can return an error code, must handle it
      o Optimise FAT handling using the prev_free info as DOS does
      o PATH: add hfsplus file system (stands alone)
      o NLS config.in for hfsplus
      o config.in for HFSPLUS
      o makefile for HFSPLUS
      o fix leak in llc 802
      o fix decnet gcc 3.3 build
      o add xapic checking define
      o add the extra cpu bit test flags
      o remove io_apic_modify - this doesnt work on some APICs
      o add the MSR's for IA32 perf ctl
      o fix false sharing of mm info
      o we moved these so this copy can go
      o collated copy of Geerts patches for m68k headers
      o add a flag so we can forbid APM idling
      o add the ide_register_driver defines
      o add EDP2 protocol id
      o update fat docs - we now use the field
      o bring PCI_IDS back into sync
      o add new entry to sisfb types
      o support cramfs initrd
      o add timedop stub for IPC=n
      o assorted module race fixe
      o dont corrupt utsname on failed copy
      o fix make rpm
      o dont idle if forbid_idle set
      o large scale DMI table updates
      o merge long standing reboot fix form -ac
      o fix up semops and return, allow timedop
      o fix error in vm86 fixups
      o add semtimedop to ia64 emu too
      o fix up gcc 3.3 bits
      o copy the right data in mips emulation
      o collected m68k core diffs
      o typo fix
      o fix iphase leak
      o bump cciss to new vendor driver
      o Jens floppy locking fixes
      o add comtrol note in case we need to know in the future
      o & v && fixes in sysrq.c
      o update sonypi driver
      o parisc gsc driver sync
      o fix config.in bits for IDE
      o make IDE modularisable
      o fix ide dma timeout bugs
      o make pnpide module happy
      o Herbert's fix for ide proc oops
      o make pdc4030 module happy
      o add generic support for toshiba piccolo
      o fix hpt speed bits
      o fix promise sx6000 newer board problems
      o clean up older pdc
      o siimage updates, add aar-1210sa
      o SiS IDE updates
      o hptraid updates
      o small setup-pci cleanups
      o d_path can return an error code, must handle it
      o update motion eye drivers
      o fix leak in octagon
      o new 3c59x. plus handle power bits
      o typo fix in atari_pamsnet driver
      o fix ma600 gcc 3.3
      o minor m68k fixes
      o fix leak in aironet4500_cs
      o fix plip hang on ifdown/ifup
      o update sonic
      o update orinoco drivers
      o update pci.ids
      o add cirrus support to i82092
      o fix rsrc manager
      o pci routing for ti cardbus
      o update aacraid
      o aic7xxx allow db4
      o gdth register failure path
      o update scsi tape docs
      o megaraid broke config tools
      o send_diag wants long timeout default
      o let the ide layer fail commands
      o resync scsi blacklist
      o new segate bios string
      o update scsi tape driver
      o remove noise
      o fix copy from user bug in cmpci
      o update AC97 codec core
      o switch cards to new ac97_audio
      o switch i810 to generalised digital out, new ac97
      o ac97 updates
      o fix long standing doc typo
      o update trident, fix printks, new ac97
      o Update via audio - fix problems esd, mpg321
      o update to new ac97_codec
      o core fbcon fixes
      o update vesafb memory handling for big cards
      o update sis fb drivers
      o add semtimedop to x86 headers
      o update ac97 codec headers
      o declare semtimedop function
      o add scripts ready to merge kconfig
      o update cciss docs to match new driver
      o add vram to vesafb docs
      o CMD640 update
      o (new) Turn on the IDE modular stuff in the Makefile
      o (resend) collected semaphore fixes and semtimedop
      o make i810 audio compile
    Alex Williamson <alex_williamson@hp.com>:
      o ia64: CMC deadlock fix
    Andi Kleen <ak@muc.de>:
      o Personality fixes for x86-64
      o x86-64 merge
      o Support exception-trace sysctl for x86-64
      o non executable stack support for x86-64
    Andrew Morton <akpm@digeo.com>:
      o [CRYPTO]: Fix memcpy/memset args
    Ben Collins <bcollins@debian.org>:
      o Update IEEE1394 (r972)
    Benjamin Herrenschmidt <benh@kernel.crashing.org>:
      o ppc32: support for 750FX rev2 CPU
      o ppc32: Enable use of USB2 on recent G4s
      o ppc32: Update PowerMac motherboard support
      o ppc32: Update swim3 floppy driver
      o ppc32: Add TotalImpact briQ panel driver
      o ppc32: Add a "query" function to core ADB
      o ppc32: Update adbhid driver
      o ppc32: Update battery calculation code & via-pmu
      o ppc32: Minimal ethtool for bmac and mace
      o ppc32: Fix a problem with both gmac and sungem
    Bjorn Helgaas <bjorn_helgaas@hp.com>:
      o ia64: chmod +x unwcheck.sh script
      o ia64: iosapic: make pcat_compat system property
      o ia64: iosapic: rationalize __init/__devinit
      o ia64: Export io_space so drivers using legacy I/O ports can insmod
      o ia64: brl_emu.c: use temporary variable to avoid gcc3.1 warning
      o ia64: remove incorrect and redundant "cpu not responding" message
      o ia64: Update configs
      o ia64: pci.c: Trivial changes to follow 2.5
      o ia64: sba_iommu: use seq_file
      o ia64: acpi: handle vendor resources more generically
      o Move UP cpu_online definition to <linux/smp.h>
      o Cset exclude: rohit.seth@intel.com[helgaas]|ChangeSet|20030623203306|58862
    Chris Mason <mason@suse.com>:
      o Fix potential IO hangs and increase interactiveness during heavy IO
    Christoph Hellwig <hch@lst.de>:
      o [CRYPTO-2.4]: Missing ULL postfixes and statics
    David S. Miller <davem@nuts.ninka.net>:
      o [BK]: Add *~ to ignore regexps
      o [CRYPTO]: kunmap does not return a value
      o [CRYPTO]: Build/warning fixups
      o [CRYPTO]: Clean up header file usage
      o [CRYPTO]: Include kernel.h in crypto.h
      o [CRYPTO]: Allocate work buffers instead of using kstack
      o [CRYPTO]: Make sha256.c more palatable to GCCs optimizers
      o [CRYPTO]: internal.h needs init.h
      o [CRYPTO]: Use appropriate defaults if AH/ESP is enabled
      o [CRYPTO-2.4]: Add dummy kmap_types.h header for sparc64
      o [CRYPTO]: Include linux/errno.h as appropriate
      o [CRYPTO-2.4]: module_name does not exist in 2.4.x
      o [CRYPTO-2.4]: const static --> static const
      o [CRYPTO]: deflate.c needs slab.h
      o [CRYPTO-2.4]: Fix condition typos in crypto/Config.in
      o [CRYPTO-2.4]: Emulate module_name semantics correctly to avoid OOPS
      o [CRYPTO-2.4]: Make sure crypto config is before lib config on ia64
      o [NET]: net/bluetooth/cmtp/core.c needs linux/init.h
      o [NET]: Scale DST/ipv6 intervals like we did for ipv4
      o [SPARC64]: Fix build error from OBP parsing patch
      o [SPARC64]: Update defconfig
    Erik Andersen <andersen@codepoet.org>:
      o fix 2.4.22-pre broken x86 math-emu
    Greg Kroah-Hartman <greg@kroah.com>:
      o USB: remove stupid conversions and use of floating point from aiptek.c
      o USB: 2.4 fix UHCI debug kmalloc() usage
      o USB: add support for 50 baud to io_edgeport.c
      o USB: pl2303: report CTS and DSR status changes to userspace
      o Cset exclude: cweidema@indiana.edu|ChangeSet|20030620002017|05386
      o USB: compiler fixes for previous vicam patches
    Hugh Dickins <hugh@veritas.com>:
      o remove shmem info->sem
      o shmem_getpage absorb _locked
      o shmem_getpage read,cache,write
      o shmem truncation swizzled
      o shmem account metablocks
      o shmem_file_write and _read
      o init_tmpfs shm_mnt error
      o shmem whitespace only
      o shmem misc minor mods
      o swapoff loopable tmpfs
      o shmem mount percentile size
      o shmem_removepage replace recalc_inode
      o loop file use highmem
      o madvise_willneed check readpage
      o shmem_file_write precheck_file_write
      o mremap VM_LOCKED move_vma
      o shmem loopable tmpfs [again]
    Ivan Kokshaysky <ink@jurassic.park.msu.ru>:
      o alpha: fix generic kernel build (Jay Estabrook)
      o alpha: finalize Sable/Lynx support (Jay Estabrook)
    James Morris <jmorris@intercode.com.au>:
      o [CRYPTO]: Add initial crypto api subsystem
      o [CRYPTO]: Cleanups based upon feedback from Rusty and jgarzik
      o [CRYPTO]: Cleanups based upon feedback from Rusty and jgarzik
      o [CRYPTO]: Use try_inc_mod_count and semaphore for alg list
      o [CRYPTO]: Use kmod to try to autoload modules
      o [CRYPTO]: Bug fixes and cleanups
      o [CRYPTO]: More bug fixes and cleanups
      o [CRYPTO]: Add MD4
      o [CRYPTO]: Algorithm lookup API change plus bug fixes
      o [CRYPTO]: Run tcrypt through lindent, plus doc update
      o [CRYPTO]: Assert that interfaces are called on correct cipher type
      o [CRYPTO]: Cleanups and more consistency checks
      o [CRYPTO]: Update to IV get/set interface
      o [CRYPTO]: Add some documentation
      o [CRYPTO]: Fix some credits
      o [CRYPTO]: Cleanups based upon suggestions by Jeff Garzik
      o [CRYPTO]: Uninline some functions to save some bloat
      o [CRYPTO]: Cleanups based upon feedback from jgarzik
      o [CRYPTO]: Add crypto_alg_available interface
      o [CRYPTO]: Rework HMAC interface
      o [CRYPTO]: Add SHA256 plus bug fixes
      o [CRYPTO]: Add blowfish algorithm
      o [CRYPTO]: minor updates
      o [CRYPTO] kstack cleanup (v0.28)
      o [CRYPTO] Add maintainers entry
      o [CRYPTO] Minor doc update
      o [CRYPTO]: Add null algorithms and minor cleanups
      o [CRYPTO]: Kill stray CRYPTO_ALG_TYPE_COMP
      o [CRYPTO]: Add twofish algorithm
      o [CRYPTO]: Add serpent algorithm
      o [CRYPTO]: Documentation update
      o [CRYPTO]: Dont compile procfs stuff if procfs is not enabled
      o [CRYPTO]: Add AES algorithm
      o [CRYPTO]: More credits for AES
      o [CRYPTO]: Add support for SHA-386 and SHA-512
      o [CRYPTO] remove superfluous goto from des module init exception path
      o [CRYPTO] Add AES and MD4 to tcrypto crypto_alg_available() test
      o [CRYPTO]: in/out scatterlist support for ciphers
      o [CRYPTO]: Move km_types out of header
      o [CRYPTO]: Add encrypt_iv() and decrypt_iv() methods
      o [CRYPTO]: Eliminate crypto_tfm.crt_ctx, from Adam Richter
      o [CRYPTO]: Documentation updates
      o [CRYPTO]: Make use of crypto_exit_ops() during crypto_free_tfm()
      o [CRYPTO]: Add Deflate algorithm to crypto API
      o [CRYPTO]: deflate module: workaround zlib bug
      o [CRYPTO]: Fix config dependencies
    Jeff Garzik <jgarzik@redhat.com>:
      o [CRYPTO]: Kill accidental double memset
      o [netdrvr 8139too] fix debug printk
    Linus Torvalds <torvalds@transmeta.com>:
      o The crypto auto-load should be enabled if crypto is enabled
    Marcelo Tosatti <marcelo@freak.distro.conectiva>:
      o Cset exclude: rusty@rustcorp.com.au|ChangeSet|20030625201246|52045
      o Added missing BROKEN_PNP_BIOS declaration
      o Changed EXTRAVERSION to -pre3
    Martin Schwidefsky <schwidefsky@de.ibm.com>:
      o s390 base update
      o s390 common i/o layer fixes
      o s390 dasd driver update
      o s390 31 bit compat
      o s390 documentation update
      o Add Configure.help entries for s390 options
      o s390 3215 driver update
      o s390 ctc network driver update
      o s390 iucv network driver
      o s390 defconfigs update
      o console semaphore fix
    Matt Domsch <matt_domsch@dell.com>:
      o ia64: efivars fix by Matt Domsch and Peter Chubb
    Olaf Hering <olh@suse.de>:
      o missing asm-ppc64/kmap_types.h
    Oleg Drokin <green@angband.namesys.com>:
      o reiserfs: Relocated journal support by Edward Shushkin & Vladimir Saveliev
      o reiserfs: speed up large file holes creation
      o reiserfs: Make most of the reiserfs warning messages to print what device they relate to
    Oliver Neukum <oliver@neukum.org>:
      o USB: disconnect of v4l devices in 2.4
      o USB: fix to previous vicam patch
    Peter Chubb <peter@chubb.wattle.id.au>:
      o ia64: declare test_bit() arg as "const"
    Roger Luethi <rl@hellgate.ch>:
      o [netdrvr via-rhine] via-rhine 1.18-rc1: Fix Rhine-I regression
    Russell King <rmk@arm.linux.org.uk>:
      o ARM merge part 1 - arch/arm
      o ARM merge part 2 - include/asm-arm
      o ARM merge part 3 - drivers/acorn
    Rusty Russell <rusty@rustcorp.com.au>:
      o 2.5.43 export _end
    Scott Feldman <scott.feldman@intel.com>:
      o Remove CAP_NET_ADMIN check for SIOCETHTOOL's
    Tom Callaway <tcallawa@redhat.com>:
      o [SPARC64]: Fix OBP version parsing on newer systems
    Trond Myklebust <trond.myklebust@fys.uio.no>:
      o A patch by Chuck Lever that cleans up the RPC socket slot allocation code.
      o A patch by Chuck Lever with further cleanups of the RPC socket slot allocation code.
      o Another patch by Chuck Lever that ensures that the PG_uptodate bit gets set when the entire page gets written by nfs_writepage_sync()
      o A patch by Patrice Dumas to implement nlmsvc_proc_granted_res
      o A patch by Patrice Dumas to add a check in order to ensure that we really were requesting a blocking lock when we get a reply from the server asking us to block.
      o A patch to ensures that blocks which are not going to time out are placed last on the nlm_block list (problem reported by Olaf Kirch).
      o Add standard spinlocks to protect the socket from being released by one CPU while the other is in a soft interrupt.
      o Fix a race: Ensure that requests retry if the remote server disconnects us while we're inside xprt_transmit().
      o Don't use an RPC child process when reconnecting to a TCP server
      o Ensure that if we need to reconnect the socket, we also resend the entire message.
      o Fix a TCP client corruption problem affecting resent requests
      o Ensure that the lockd clients always use one of the reserved ports
      o Replace buggy version of xdr_shift_buf() with the version from 2.5.x