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Other labels

  • ADR
    Architecture Decision Record
  • Specific Work Assignment
  • Awaiting resolution of external factors
  • Infrastructure, Technology, or Internal Blocker
  • Awaiting Maintainer Input/Feedback
  • Bot
    This item has been created by Bot/AI technology
  • Issue is freely available for contribution
  • Issue has been claimed by a contributor
  • Documented external customer feedback explicitly stating implementation value
  • No external customer feedback has been gathered to support implemenation value; A Maintainer/Dev Preference
  • Derived or interpreted external customer feedback (hearsay) on implementation value
  • Impacts many projects in the Ecosystem - eg. Core, Plugins, Docs, I&T, etc
  • Impacts single project, small number of files - eg. Core w/ Tests
  • Impacts 1 or 2 projects in the Ecosystem - eg. Core, Docs
  • Issue is being worked
  • Action is required by Product Team to aid in disposition
  • Labeling issues for the MX team to review before closing