Labels can be applied to issues, merge requests, and epics. Group labels are available for any project within the group.
  • Doing
  • Impl-Ethiopia
    NPC Ethiopia
  • Impl-GFPVAN
  • Impl-Malawi
    Malawi NPC
  • Impl-OpenData
    Open Dataset Product Catalog
  • Impl-Rwanda
    NPC Rwanda
  • To Do
  • featureAccessWithUserGroups
    For controlling access through user's groups
  • featureAkeneoBase
    Feature's that Akeneo has
  • featureCatalog2Catalog
  • featureConcatAttrib
  • featureDrafts
    The workflow for Drafts, Approvals, Rejections, etc.
  • featureEasyQuality
    Features that help the user achieve higher product quality
  • featureGDSN
    Connecting to, processing files, monitoring, etc.
  • featureRules
    Features which make it easy to copy / manipulate attributes
  • featuree2open
    Those not generic to feature::GDSN, but specific to e2open formats
  • personacountry registration authority
    Persona - Country Registration Authority
  • personaorg catalog manager
    Persona - Organization Catalog Manager
  • personaproduct attribute manager
    Persona - Product Attribute Manager
  • personaproduct manager
    Persona - Product Manager