Labels can be applied to issues, merge requests, and epics. Group labels are available for any project within the group.
  • 1st contribution
    First contribution from a community member
  • 2FA
  • Accepting merge requests
    Issues opened for contribution from the Community. Issue's weight is an estimation of complexity. Please mention @gitlab-org/coaches if you have any questions :)
  • Agile Portfolio Management
    Category vision in Plan stage: &665
  • Architecture decision
    Important architecture decision
    Please use the Verify or Release team label instead of this no longer used label. It is kept for historical issues.
  • CS Top 10 (2018CQ2)
    Customer Success (CS) Top 10 List for Product for 2018CQ2
  • CS Top 10 (2018CQ3)
    Customer Success (CS) Top 10 List for Product for 2018CQ3
  • CSS Component
    Adding or changing a CSS component
  • Charts
    Related to the Charts components built on gitlab-ui
  • Cloud Native
  • Cloud Spend
    Issues related to cloud provider usage fees, and particularly reducing cloud spend
  • Community contribution
    Issues that have been scheduled for an upcoming release and are actively being worked on by our community
  • Configure
    Issues for the configure team. Covers Auto DevOps, Kubernetes integration, ChatOps, Chat integration, etc.
  • Container Registry
    Category label - Features that apply to management container registries
  • Contribute for prize
    Key issues to highlight for the wider community. Community members will receive a GItLab merchandise when an MR is merged.
  • Create
    Issues for the Create team. Covers Repositories, Merge Requests, Web IDE, Wiki and Snippets.
  • Current
    Epics that are being currently worked on.
  • Defend
    Issues for the Defend group. Covers defense of apps and infrastructure from security intrusions.
  • Deliverable
    Issues scheduled for the current milestone. GitLab ambitiously over-schedules and may only deliver about 70% of scheduled issues.