• [Domain] Architecture
    Define the requirements, behavior, terminology, and/or acceptance criteria for a new software feature.
  • [Domain] Backend
    Develop a backend (Node) software feature or bug fix.
  • [Domain] Build / CI
    Add or update a (Gulp) build task, automated process, or CI job.
  • [Domain] Documentation
    Add or revise a unit of documentation.
  • [Domain] Frontend / UI
    Develop a UI (browser or template) software feature or bug fix.
  • [Domain] Operations
    Configure or deploy infrastructure needed to develop or deploy the software (CI server, hosting environment, etc).
  • [Domain] Project Mgmt
    Activities related to governing and administering the project: permissions, policies, roadmaps, etc.
  • [Domain] UI Design
    Design or modify a style or layout in the UI.
  • [Status] Accepted Idea
    The idea has been accepted, but no commitment has been made to work on it.
  • [Status] Blocked
    Issue can't proceed further until another action is taken.
  • [Status] Change Required
    Development lead has requested modifications for proposed change to be merged.
  • [Status] In Progress
    Active and being worked on.
  • [Status] In Prototype
    A feature that is being prototyped for the purpose of determining scope and feasibility.
  • [Status] Merge Requested
    Proposed change (MR) is ready for review by development lead.
  • [Status] Next
    Should be started as soon as other issues are out of the way.
  • [Status] On Hold
    Development has been paused to focus on a different issue. An On Hold issue must have previously been In Progress.
  • [Type] Bug
    An error, unexpected behavior, or misconfiguration.
  • [Type] Decision
    A question or discussion that needs to result in a decision.
  • [Type] Design
    A task to create design specifications.
  • [Type] Discussion