Labels can be applied to issues and merge requests. Group labels are available for any project within the group.
  • Ad hoc
    Anything admin related, not in the code or the project itself but set up or configuration based.
  • Art
    Requires skills from an artist or graphics designer.
  • Blocked
    If it's not possible to work on this due to another task or external factors.
  • Bug
    Something that's not working as intended in an existing project's functionality.
  • Fun
    A task that may be cool to make or use, but provides no practical or functional benefit.
  • Improvement
    An improvement to clean up or extend existing functionality.
  • Internal
    Describes an issue which relates to something internal, the cause may not be something in the source repository.
  • Meta
    A problem or query about the repository or GitLab regarding this project.
  • New Feature
    A brand new feature for an existing project.
  • Postponed
    A task that we aren't doing now intentionally.
  • Stacktrace
    Issues that have a stacktrace attached to them.
  • Third-Party
    May regard a third-party; we may want to make a PR to another project rather than implement the task in our one.