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    One Copyright Update to rule them all · d95794ec
    Rémi Verschelde authored
    As many open source projects have started doing it, we're removing the
    current year from the copyright notice, so that we don't need to bump
    it every year.
    It seems like only the first year of publication is technically
    relevant for copyright notices, and even that seems to be something
    that many companies stopped listing altogether (in a version controlled
    codebase, the commits are a much better source of date of publication
    than a hardcoded copyright statement).
    We also now list Godot Engine contributors first as we're collectively
    the current maintainers of the project, and we clarify that the
    "exclusive" copyright of the co-founders covers the timespan before
    opensourcing (their further contributions are included as part of Godot
    Engine contributors).
    Also fixed "cf." Frenchism - it's meant as "refer to / see".
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