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  • 1.2.5
    Release 1.2.5

    GPT v1.2.5 has been released!

    • Fix for several tests that were calculating RPS wrong. !133
    • Adjustments have been made for several tests thresholds. !135
    • Several fixes applied for running tests against older GitLab versions. !137 !138 !140

    Docker Release Links:

  • 1.2.4
    Release 1.2.4

    GPT v1.2.4 has been released!

    • New tests have been added for Issue endpoints! Refer to the upgrade notes below on how to enable them. !126
    • Fix applied to some tests that were defining their HTTP params wrong !131

    Upgrade Notes:

    • For the new Issue tests we've updated our test data project to have many issues also. As such you'll need to reimport the project with the latest version as normal. After this you then need to update your environment config with the issue_iid as shown in the docs.

    Docker Release Links:

  • 1.2.3
    Release 1.2.3

    GPT v1.2.3 has been released!

    • More tests have been updated to adapt when the environment is configured with NFS for repo data. Thresholds have also been updated for other tests. !129
    • Error messages have been improved to be clearer along with the results summary handling these better also. !129
    • Improved detection of unsafe tests with new flag. !129
    • Influx DB support has been re-added as an optional additional output for k6 to report to. See the Tool's help output as well as https://k6.io/docs/getting-started/results-output/influxdb for more info. !129
    • General stability and performance updates.

    Docker Release Links:

  • 1.2.2
    Release 1.2.2

    GPT v1.2.2 has been released!

    • With this release the Tool can now adjust tests based on Environment config. For example if your Environment is storing Repository data on NFS this can now be configured via the Environment config file and the tests that would be affected by this automatically adjusted. Refer to the docs for more info. (!125)
    • General stability and performance updates.

    Upgrade Notes:

    • New settings have been added to the Environment config. Refer to the docs for more info.
      • --latency CLI flag has been moved to Environment config.

    Docker Release Links:

  • 1.2.1
    Release 1.2.1

    GPT v1.2.1 has been released! This is a minor release with a few bug fixes and improvements:

    • We identified an issue with the Git Push test triggering pipelines on latest code as Sidekiq was still processing queues from the test after the fact. To prevent this we've added in a check to the test so it only finishes when Sidekiq does. (!127)
    • The Tool now excludes unsafe tests (ones that make http POST, PUT, DELETE or PATCH requests) by default. This is an improvement to the previous read-only functionality where users had to opt out of these running. To run these tests you now have to specify the --unsafe flag. (!127)

    Upgrade Notes:

    • The --read-only flag has been replaced by the --unsafe flag. Refer to the docs for more info.

    Docker Release Links:

  • 1.2.0
    Release 1.2.0

    GPT v1.2.0 has been released!

    • After a lot of analysis and effort we've added the first iteration of our git_push test, a key performance area for many. This tests the Git Push performance over HTTP on the environment. Behind the scenes Git Push does a lot and is complicated. The test exercises most of it's paths and we hope to expand this further in the future. (!58).
      • Note that this test should only be run against test projects as it performs CRUD operations.
    • Another new test, api_v4_projects_repository_compare_commits, has been added that tests the Repository Compare branches, tags or commits API. (!111)
    • web_project_merge_request_changes.js has been updated to reflect recent page changes that increase performance notably. (!121)
    • k6 has been updated to 0.26.1 (!121).
    • Various general and performance updates.

    Upgrade Notes:

    • The new git_push added as part of this release requires certain data to be set Environment config. Refer to the docs for more info.
      • The Personal Access Token used for the tests will require new permissions and regenerated for git_push. Refer to the docs for more info.
    • Git LFS is now enabled for the repository and you may find you need to do a git lfs checkout in some cases if you're running the tool from source.

    Docker Release Links:

  • 1.1.1
    Release 1.1.1

    GPT v1.1.1 has been released! It contains the following:

    • Adds in a new overall score metric that summarises how well the target environment has performed against the selected throughput. Score is calculated from RPS achieved against targets (for endpoints that don't have any known issues and number of successful requests). (!100)
    • General fixes and improvements. (!100)

    Docker Release Links:

  • 1.1.0
    Release 1.1.0

    The Quality team are happy to announce the release of GPT v1.1.0!

    • Web endpoint tests have been expanded and refactored to be more representative by calling more of the relevant endpoints a user's browser would for each. Most of the new tests now batch call relevant endpoints at the same time with more detailed output on each one's performance. (!99)
    • Test thresholds have also been updated for all tests. A new response time based threshold has been added - Time to First Byte (TTFB) for the 90th percentile. This goes alongside the current RPS and Successful Request thresholds. More information can be found in the docs. (!103)
    • This version also contains various smaller updates as follows:
      • GPT options have been updated. --latency is now an option for users who are testing in non-optimum network conditions. (!99)
      • Various output formatting tweaks and updates including showing the GPT version in results and optional notes about known issues \ advanced debugging. (!99 !103)
      • k6 has been updated to v0.26.0. (!99)
      • Default test options now include a ramp down stage to let VUs finish off any remaining requests as well as adjusting some new k6 v0.26.0 config changes. (!99)
      • Ruby Bundler and some Gems have been updated. (!99)
      • User Agent has been updated to include GPT version. Will now be in the format GPT/x.x, e.g. GPT/1.1.0. (!99)

    Upgrade Notes:

    • A new web_user test has been added as part of this release. To utilize this a username needs to be set in Environment config. Refer to the docs for more info.

    Docker Release Links:

  • 1.0.1   Updates the Tool to display its output as soon as possible.
    Release 1.0.1
    • Output is now displayed as soon as possible. Previously the Tool was buffering its output behind the scenes, leading to slow output when being run in GitLab CI specifically.
  • 1.0.0   This `1.0.0` release is the culmination of several new features and updates including support to run the tool via its new recommended Docker image. Also contains various general improvements.
    Release 1.0.0
    • The tool has been updated to support running in Docker, which is now available as an Image! This is the new recommended way to run the Tool easily in addition to offline support.
    • Test output has been enhanced along with the full output now being saved in the results folder as a .log file.
    • Contains our up to date list of default performance tests.
  • 0.5.0   Significant refactor of the Tool to support multiple results and compare them. Also includes various other improvements and changes. Refer to Docs for latest info.
    Release 0.5.0
    • Results are now served primarily as JSON under the hood to allow for other scripts to parse them. Results output on command line remains unchanged.
    • Environment, Options and Test files can be passed to run-k6 as just filenames and no longer needing the full path. Test paths can also be passed or even the name of a folder that contains tests. Docs have been updated to reflect this.
    • New exclude_tests option for run-k6.
    • Various significant under the hood improvements.

    Instructions for how to use the tool has changed with this release. Please refer to the latest docs for info.

  • 0.4.0   Switch to the standard Rubygems project structure and some other improvements
    Release 0.4.0

    Implemented enhancements:

    • Switch to the standard Rubygems project structure
    • Add --custom flag to include any custom tests to k6 run
    • Output list of performance issues in results summary
  • 0.3.1   Rename Scenario config files to Options and rename Standalone tests to Scenarios
    Release 0.3.1

    Rename Scenario config files to Options and rename Standalone tests to Scenarios

  • 0.3.0   * Removes deprecated Artillery tests * Removes SiteSpeed tests (which have been moved to new project - https://gitlab.com/gitlab-org/quality/performance-sitespeed/pipeline_schedules) * Renames Toolkit to Tool
    Release 0.3.0
  • 0.2.0   GitLab Peformance Tool now includes support for multiple projects in tests with associated config changes.
    Release 0.2.0

    GitLab Peformance Tool now includes support for multiple projects in tests with associated config changes.

  • 0.1.0   GitLab Performance Tool 0.1.0
    Release 0.1.0

    Initial tag of the GitLab Performance Tool before incoming 1.0.0 release that will introduce several breaking changes.

    Can be used to run our k6 as described in the documentation.