Manually disable copy_file_range() on RedHat kernels

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Calls to the copy_file_range() system call on recent RedHat kernels now fail with EOPNOTSUP instead of ENOSYS, which breaks any use of IO.copy_stream (e.g. used by CarrierWave) if NFS is used.

Ruby attempts to detect whether the kernel supports this system call, but the detection mechanism only checks whether this system call is defined, not whether it is actually supported. We manually patch this to disable the copy_file_range().

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  1. Ruby maintainers are aware of this problem:
  2. This problem can be reproduced by using CarrierWave on an NFS mount (see
  3. It is bug in NFS that RedHat is addressing:
  4. Normally, Ruby 2.6.6 falls back to a normal copy if copy_file_range is ENOSYS is returned. However, the NFS client is returning EOPNOTSUP, which causes a Ruby exception.
  5. I've verified that this patch works around the problem.

If we don't want to ship this, we can wait for RedHat to release kernel-3.10.0-1148.el7, but meanwhile customers may not be able to use GitLab.

I think I'm inclined to ship this now, especially since RedHat kernels no longer support copy_file_range(), so we save ourselves a system call by disabling it outright.


Test builds in

To reproduce the problem:

  1. Use a recent RHEL 7.7 system. 3.10.0-1127.8.2.el7.x86_64 has this issue.
  2. Install GitLab.
  3. Configure an NFS mount.
  4. Point the uploads to the NFS mount
gitlab_rails['uploads_directory'] = "/mnt/share/uploads"
  1. Attempt to upload a profile picture.
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