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    Use database attributes for consul watchers · 039de841
    Robert Marshall authored and Balasankar 'Balu' C's avatar Balasankar 'Balu' C committed
    - Refactors the consul watcher recipe for easier reading.
    - Fixes the example in the gitlab.rb template which shows configuring a
      complete watcher in the watchers section, when it's really used as
      just a list of strings that indicate which watcher is enabled
    - Move the default watcher definition for postgresql into the helper
      because it is directly tied to static values the user cannot change
      such as the name of the failover_pgbouncer template
    - Accomodate the potential for folks who may have created their own
      watcher, though if they did it was following a very strict set of
      rules as the ERB template path was hardcoded.
    Closes #6562
    Closes #3792
    Closes #6587
    Changelog: changed
    Signed-off-by: default avatarRobert Marshall <>