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    Adds labkit logging package · 5a01133e
    Andrew Newdigate authored
    Unlike some of the other functionality provided by Logkit,
    the logging functionality does not wrap an underlying log provider.
    Why not? Because, in a past life, I worked as a Java developer and
    therefore understand that log wrappers will bring you nothing but pain
    and unhappiness.
    Instead of being a log wrapper, this functionality encourages
    applications to use logrus. Logrus is already widely used in GitLab.
    What benefit does this functionality add:
    * Consistent configuration of logrus
    * Importantly, this functionality allows labkit itself to write logs.
      * This will allow us to add better logging, as well as standardised
        access loggers, exception loggers etc
    Co-authored-by: default avatarZeger-Jan van de Weg <zegerjan@gitlab.com>
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