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    Merge remote-tracking branch 'ce/fix-git-hooks-when-creating-file' into master-ce · 9c4f82ab
    Lin Jen-Shin authored
    * ce/fix-git-hooks-when-creating-file: (78 commits)
      Make sure different project gets a merge request
      Try to check if branch diverged explicitly
      We don't care about the return value now
      Make GitHooksService#execute return block value
      Use commit rather than branch, and rename to avoid confusion
      @tree_edit_project is no longer used
      Fix renaming
      Rename from base to start because base could mean merge base
      Detect if we really want a new merge request properly
      Properly fix the edge case!
      Rename source to base to avoid confusion from MR
      Don't set invalid @mr_source_branch when create_merge_request?
      Prefer leading dots over trailing dots
      Fix for initial commit and remove unneeded args
      Just trust set_commit_variables to set everything!
      Prefer leading dots over trailing dots
      Merge request terms are reversed for GitOperationService
      I think I am really confused, should be @tree_edit_project
      Remove tag with git hooks
      Introduce Repository#with_repo_branch_commit
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