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    Merge branch `ce_upstream` into `master` · fa0596a9
    Timothy Andrew authored
    - https://gitlab.slack.com/archives/C0XM5UU6B/p1494309973105903
    - `ce_upstream` has was green at ef0b3a56,
      but the MR was _not_ merged in, and has since been refreshed (and thus
      has more conflicts to fix).
    - For the purposes of `9-2-stable-ee`, we don't need the _latest_
      `ce_upstream`, or the latest `ee/master`, simply the newest version
      since `9-2-stable-ee` was branched off.
    - We merge `ef0b3a` into the latest version of `ee/master` that it
      merges to without conflicts, and then pick that merge commit into
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