Add db fixtures for security training providers

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Since migrations are not run by new instances, add a production/development fixture that should ensure that the security training providers are created for new instances/fresh installs as well.

Omnibus should be running gitlab:db:configure in This invokes the db:seed_fu ( Rake task.

Related to #367638 (closed)

How to test this?

bundle exec rails db:seed_fu FILTER=training

== Filtering seed files against regexp: /training/

== Seed from /Users/subashis/gitlab-development-kit/gitlab/db/fixtures/development/044_add_security_training_providers.rb


Migrations related to this:

!81104 (merged) Add security training providers (migration with upsert)

!82235 (merged) Add unique index for security training providers (This MR adds a uniqueness constraint so we can ensure we only have one record of each training provider, and we can use an upsert when adding/updating training providers.)

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