Geo: Migrate Container Registry replication to use SSF

What does this MR do and why?

This MR migrates Container Repositories to Geo SSF.

We currently use state:string field in the ContainerRepositoryRegsitry while Geo SSF requires us to have state:integer and this doesn't let us create the state field for SSF in parallel to the old one as we always did. To manage this issue I decided to add a special logic that allows SSF to work with the old field as well as with the new one. The type of the field is preserved. When this MR is merged we can create a new one that will migrate old data and then will change the type of the field to integer from the string. So 'pending' will be changed to '0' in one step and in the second step we change the field's type to the integer with a special type-cast function.

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Related to #337436

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