Track unique visits to all tabs on Analytics CI/CD page for project & group level

What does this MR do and why?

Solves #365103 (closed), this MR introduces tracking unique visits to Time to restore service tab on Analytics CI/CD page on the project and on the group level.

Also solves #365105 (closed) by tracking the other tabs at group level too.

Note: solving #365103 (closed) and #365105 (closed) in separate MRs would be confusing for the reviewer. The two MRs would depend on one another, and each of them would add identical tracking, but only to some of the tabs. Instead, I implement tracking of all four tabs at group level in this MR: they are all implemented in the same way, so it does not add cognitive load for the reviewer.

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Related to #365103 (closed) Related to #365105 (closed)

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