Add application settings to support inactive project deletion feature

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Add application settings to support inactive project deletion feature.


Migration up

== 20220406113217 AddInactiveProjectDeletionToApplicationSettings: migrating ==
-- add_column(:application_settings, :delete_inactive_projects, :boolean, {:default=>false, :null=>false})
   -> 0.0070s
-- add_column(:application_settings, :inactive_projects_delete_after_months, :integer, {:default=>2, :null=>false})
   -> 0.0025s
-- add_column(:application_settings, :inactive_projects_min_size_mb, :integer, {:default=>0, :null=>false})
   -> 0.0021s
-- add_column(:application_settings, :inactive_projects_send_warning_email_after_months, :integer, {:default=>1, :null=>false})
   -> 0.0018s
== 20220406113217 AddInactiveProjectDeletionToApplicationSettings: migrated (0.0136s)

Migration down

== 20220406113217 AddInactiveProjectDeletionToApplicationSettings: reverting ==
-- remove_column(:application_settings, :inactive_projects_send_warning_email_after_months, :integer, {:default=>1, :null=>false})
   -> 0.0033s
-- remove_column(:application_settings, :inactive_projects_min_size_mb, :integer, {:default=>0, :null=>false})
   -> 0.0015s
-- remove_column(:application_settings, :inactive_projects_delete_after_months, :integer, {:default=>2, :null=>false})
   -> 0.0036s
-- remove_column(:application_settings, :delete_inactive_projects, :boolean, {:default=>false, :null=>false})
   -> 0.0074s
== 20220406113217 AddInactiveProjectDeletionToApplicationSettings: reverted (0.0180s)

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  1. Run the migration bundle exec rails db:migrate
  2. Verify that the new rows in the application_settings table are added.
  3. Modify the values using the application settings API. Example {{baseURL}}/api/v4/application/settings?inactive_projects_delete_after=3&inactive_projects_min_size_mb=5&inactive_projects_send_warning_email_after=1
  4. Check the documentation changes - http://gdk.test:3005/ee/api/settings.html

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