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Enable aggregated VSA by default

Adam Hegyi requested to merge 357513-prepare-vsa-aggregated-backend-to-15-0 into master

What does this MR do and why?

DO NOT MERGE! I want to merge this a few days before %15.0 cutoff date

This change enables the aggregated group Value Stream Analytics backend.

  • Removes the note about the 15.0 filter change.
  • Removes/disables the toggle (switch between old and new filtering)
  • Enables the VSA aggregated table querying on all eligible groups.


Related to #357513 (closed)


We're updating a few hundred rows.


== 20220405092619 ToggleVsaAggregationsEnable: migrating ======================
== 20220405092619 ToggleVsaAggregationsEnable: migrated (0.0168s) =============


== 20220405092619 ToggleVsaAggregationsEnable: reverting ======================
== 20220405092619 ToggleVsaAggregationsEnable: reverted (0.0000s) =============

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