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Fix Geo checksummable check failing when file is nil

Catalin Irimie requested to merge cat-fix-blob-file-exists-check into master

What does this MR do and why?

In specific cases, such as the LFS download flow, we would first create a model before updating it to contain a file as well, which means it's possible the model's file doesn't exist.

We have an after_commit hook that attempts to verify if a record's file is checksummable to run verification on, however this would have failed if the file was nil before this.

Fixes #352368 (closed)

How to set up and validate locally

  1. Attempt to import a public repository with LFS files. (example with links from a customer in an internal Slack thread)
  2. Notice LFS objects aren't imported, and if you look at the application.log: 2022-02-09T09:52:42.351Z: LFS file with oid *** could't be downloaded from https://***: undefined method exists?' for nil:NilClass`
  3. Checkout this branch, re-import the project and notice it's working

MR acceptance checklist

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