Create and link a Phabricator status label when importing a task

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What does this MR do and why?

The problem I have to solve is about create a label the phabricator project.

I made some additions to the code. Gitlab::PhabricatorImport::Representation::Task and Gitlab::PhabricatorImport::Issues::TaskImporter .

Task code:

def extended_state

TaskImporter code:

if task.extended_state
  issue.labels <<, project, { title: task.extended_state })

Issue #28086

My Comments For First Issue and MR

First of all I asked a lot of questions as this is my first open source project and I am new to Gitlab. I would like to thank @reprazent again for helping me in this process and answering my questions. In this process, I tried to do the steps step by step. I will keep learning Gitlab and solving issues.

The Parts I Have Difficulty

Since I'm new to this environment, I had some difficulties. How am i find issue, how am I download codes, which files I need to examine, etc. ​My Linux even crashed in the process. But thanks to these difficulties, I believe I started to learn.

MR acceptance checklist

This checklist encourages us to confirm any changes have been analyzed to reduce risks in quality, performance, reliability, security, and maintainability.

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