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Add Project Feature to Project Migration

What does this MR do and why?

Related to #339416 (closed)

this feature is behind bulk_import_projects feature flag that is currently off by default (and disabled on .com).

This MR adds Project Feature migration when using Group Migration that includes projects (

Please note that on the screencast below you might notice that LFS and Package settings are not the same value. This is because those 2 settings come from project model (lfs_enabled & packages_enabled) and are not coming from project_feature model.

Screenshots or screen recordings


How to set up and validate locally

  1. Feature.enable(:bulk_import).
  2. Feature.enable(:bulk_import_projects).
  3. Create a top level group and project in it.
  4. Update project feature settings on project general settings page
  5. Go to /groups/new#import-group-pane page and enter instance url and access token (needs to be api & read_repository scope).
  6. Select newly created group and click Import.
  7. Wait for Group import to complete and verify imported project feature settings
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