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What does this MR do and why?

In !68891 (merged) we merged a fix that was reverted due to some failing tests.

I believe the tests were flaky because created_at was not set only updated_at. This MR sets created_at in those tests. It also freezes time.


explain SELECT "ci_builds".* 
FROM "ci_builds" 
WHERE "ci_builds"."type" = 'Ci::Build' 
AND "ci_builds"."id" 
IN (
    SELECT "ci_builds"."id" 
    FROM "ci_builds" 
    "ci_builds"."type" = 'Ci::Build' 
    AND ("ci_builds"."status" IN ('running')) 
    AND (ci_builds.created_at < '2021-08-24 17:41:01.993524')
    order by created_at, project_id
) AND (updated_at < '2021-08-24 17:41:01.994189') limit 100;
                                                                                      QUERY PLAN

 Limit  (cost=472222.26..472594.62 rows=100 width=1289) (actual time=2.670..2.672 rows=0 loops=1)
   Buffers: shared hit=821
   ->  Nested Loop  (cost=472222.26..1629886.42 rows=310895 width=1289) (actual time=2.669..2.670 rows=0 loop
         Buffers: shared hit=821
         ->  HashAggregate  (cost=472221.68..475475.50 rows=325382 width=4) (actual time=0.828..2.394 rows=30
               Group Key: ci_builds_1.id
               Buffers: shared hit=665
               ->  Index Scan using ci_builds_gitlab_monitor_metrics on ci_builds ci_builds_1  (cost=0.58..46
8154.40 rows=325382 width=16) (actual time=0.031..0.801 rows=30 loops=1)
                     Index Cond: (((status)::text = 'running'::text) AND (created_at < '2021-08-24 17:41:01.9
93524'::timestamp without time zone))
                     Buffers: shared hit=665
         ->  Index Scan using ci_builds_pkey on ci_builds  (cost=0.58..3.55 rows=1 width=1289) (actual time=0
.009..0.009 rows=0 loops=30)
               Index Cond: (id = ci_builds_1.id)
               Filter: ((updated_at < '2021-08-24 17:41:01.994189'::timestamp without time zone) AND ((type):
:text = 'Ci::Build'::text))
               Rows Removed by Filter: 1
               Buffers: shared hit=156
 Planning Time: 0.818 ms
 Execution Time: 10.773 ms
(17 rows)

Time: 13.633 ms

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