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Geo: Reduce frequency of redownload attempts

Michael Kozono requested to merge mk/make-repo-sync-retries-more-resilient into master

What does this MR do and why?

  • Instead of only attempting to retry syncs with the "redownload" flow after the threshold is reached, now we alternate between the "normal" and "redownload" flow for each retry
  • Increase the threshold for using the "redownload" flow from 5 to 10 retries

This increases the resilience of retries because:

  1. Sometimes "redownload" doesn't work but a "normal" sync does: #324208 (closed)
  2. The "redownload" logic is not totally compatible with Gitaly Cluster: #332151 (closed)

How to set up and validate locally

For example to test project resync:

  1. Checkout this branch in your secondary GDK/gitlab repo
  2. In Rails console, do registry = Geo::ProjectRegistry.first
  3. registry.update!(repository_retry_count: 7, resync_repository: true)
  4. In another tab: tail -f log/geo.log
  5. Resync the project Git repo:
  6. Notice that Redownloading repository is not output (whereas it is output without this change)

Similar can be done to test different retry counts, or project-wikis, or designs, or snippets, or group wikis.

MR acceptance checklist

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