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Summit challenge - health check

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Summit 2018 challenge: A user can request a free instance check if a minimum users count requirement is fulfilled.

When users click Free Instance Check from the GitLab they will be redirected to a form in customers app where they confirm the data and once the form is submitted the data are sent to Salesforce. Users will get a simple report + they will then be contacted based on the data / contact they provided in the form.

Minimum users count required for the instance review is stored in application_settings. The idea is that the minimum users count can be set using customers app and GitLab will send a request every x days to update the threshold in the db. An MR for this will come later. For now we set default value 100.

What does this MR do?

It adds "Get a free instance review" button to the Core edition.

The button is displayed in the case User.count is bigger than a defined threshold and the instance does not have a valid license (=core edition). The threshold is stored in the application_setting (field instance_review_threshold) with default value of 100.


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