Fix getAction is undefined bug

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What does this MR do?

This fixes getAction is undefined bug. This happens when EditorMarkdownExtension receives a different instance argument. The problem is that the "Review" tab of WebIDE creates a CodeEditor instance for Source Editor, while both the "Review" and "Commit" are dealing with the DiffEditor instances.

We do not want Markdown preview on the files when in DiffEditor. This MR addresses this issue and completely avoids Markdown extension when setting up a DiffEditor instance.

Screenshots or Screencasts (strongly suggested)

before after
bug fixed-get-action

How to setup and validate locally (strongly suggested)

  1. Create or navigate to a project
  2. Click on Repository
  3. Click on WebIDE
  4. Make sure to have a markdown file (such as
  5. Navigate between edit and review modes

Actual: Throws an error with getAction is undefined message Expected: There should be no error.

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