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Geo 2.0 Regression - Add ability to remove primary

Zack Cuddy requested to merge 338231-fix-geo-removal-logic into master

What does this MR do?

Closes #338231 (closed)

This is the fix for a UI bug that came to be after our recent Geo redesign. In the UI a Primary node should be able to be removed if all the secondary nodes are first removed. However, the UI always disabled the ability to remove the primary node.

This change adds a getter to tell the components if they can/cannot remove a node.

Screenshots or Screencasts (strongly suggested)

Removing Nodes Removing Nodes

Before After
Docs_Before Docs_After

Before After
N/A Update_Instructions

How to setup and validate locally (strongly suggested)

  1. Set up Geo on your GDK
  2. Fetch/Checkout this branch on your Primary Node (gdk-primary)
  3. Navigate to the Geo Nodes UI
  4. Ensure Primary node cannot be removed if secondaries exist
  5. Ensure Secondary node(s) can be removed
  6. Remove all secondary nodes
  7. Ensure Primary node can now be removed

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Related to #338231 (closed)

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