Resolve "Use specialized worker to refresh authorizations when `share_with_group_lock`attribute of a group is changed"

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Related to #334871 (closed)

As mentioned at &3342 (comment 614081588) and &3343 (comment 631826768), we have been noticing that the hits to the endpoint PUT /api/:version/groups/:id, (ie, group update), when it updates the value of share_with_group_lock, enqueues a bunch of AuthorizedProjectsWorker and this has been a major reason for the spikes we see in this Prometheus graph.

To prevent this from happening again, we are going to experiment with using a specialized worker for refreshing authorizations in this area (while running the old approach alongside as a safety-net).


  • Whenever share_with_group_lock of a group (say Engineering) is changed, we -
  • identify all the other groups that the projects in Engineering are shared with.
  • for each of these groups, we call group.refresh_members_authorized_projects.


  • Whenever share_with_group_lock of a group (say Engineering) is changed, we -
  • identify all the projects under Engineering that is shared with other groups
  • for all such projects, we run AuthorizedProjectUpdate::ProjectRecalculateWorker.perform_async(

The end result of both approaches is the same - members from the shared groups end up losing or gaining access to projects in Engineering based on the current value of share_with_group_lock of Engineering group.

PS: I really wanted to move the whole thing from a callback based approach to within Groups::UpdateService, but due to the urgency of the change (it is causing spikes everyday) and a need for more thorough testing if I did so, I am opting to make the change in the callback itself. I will move the whole thing to within the service at a later time, I will create an issue for this.

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